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Satay On Charcoal, Shop 6 / 16 Mends Street, South Perth WA 6151, Phone 0403 929 257.

Malaysian Food … Satay On Charcoal are regulars at a few of the Food Markets around town. They serve up quality Malaysian food and market themselves as the best Malaysian Street Food in Perth. I can’t say I disagree with them.

Satay on Charcoal - Market Stall

Satay, Cucumber, Peanut Sauce and Ketupat. Courtesy: Satay On Charcoal

They also have a café in South Perth, nestled quietly behind the Windsor Hotel. It’s a small café with indoor and outdoor seating. It enables them to broaden their menu and include some Malaysian food they can’t sell from their Market Stall.

Food like, Nasi Lemak. Fragrant rice, perfectly cooked egg with Sambal and Ikan Bilis, which appeared to be homemade. You can add fall apart slow cooked chicken curry to this dish for a small extra charge.

Satay on Charcoal - Market Stall

At the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets

The mainstay of their Market stall and what everyone comes to buy is their Satay. Skewers of Beef, Pork or Chicken, succulently grilled on an open flame and served with cucumber, Ketupat (steamed rice cubes) and an outstanding peanut sauce.

True Malaysian Satay. This food is the real deal. Satay On Charcoal also do Satay in a cup, 4 skewers with peanut sauce at the bottom. Easier to eat with just one hand. Which is great for Street Food, because sometimes it is difficult to eat.

These guys are a regular feature at the Twilight Hawkers Market (you can tell by the queue that the food is good).

In 2016 Satay On Charcoal took over the Mahsuri Satay Restaurant at 313 Albany Highway, Victoria Park. They are open from 5.00pm Nightly.

Update 2017:
These guys have closed their Victoria Park Cafe but the South Perth one is still open. Behind the Windsor Hotel.

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