Borek Anonymous – Market Stall – Borek & Gozleme


Borek Anonymous, The Mysterious Market Stall.

Anonymity is painless … Trekking the pavement at the Inglewood on Beaufort Markets we came across a new stall. Well, new to us I guess. They had out a display plate of their food, which we soon learned was Borek. They also sold Gozleme.

Borek Anonymous

Borek Closeup

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Spicy Bites – Indian Market Stall – Street Food


Spicy Bites, Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6051, Phone 0450 003 591.

Hand in Glove … The spices are certainly working together very well in the food at this new Indian Food Stall. The Spicy Bites story began “when tender butter chicken fell in love with hot fresh naan”. That last line is a direct quote from their Facebook. It made me laugh, so I included it here.

Spicy Bites - Indian Market Stall

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2 Fat Indians Market Stall – Indian Street Food


2 Fat Indians Market Stall, Location Varies, Phone 9228 0720.

Market stall … I’m well acquainted with the 2 Fat Indians Restaurant in Highgate and am a fan of their food. So we were pleasantly surprised to see a 2 Fat Indians Market Stall in the City recently. The Twilight Hawkers Market holds many surprises.

2 Fat Indians Market Stall

Chicken Tikka Sliders

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Turban Chopsticks Market Stall – Indian Chinese Fusion


Turban Chopsticks, 324 Bulwer Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9227 0022.

Dahl Kits … First came across Turban Chopsticks while driving past the Hyde Park Hotel and noticed their shop on Bulwer Street. They also have a market stall which can be found at most of the food markets around town.

Turban Chopsticks Market Stall

Photo: Courtesy Turban Chopsticks

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Sweet Dream Foods – Bagels and Donuts


Sweet Dream Foods, Location Varies, Perth, Western Australia WA 6000, Phone 0419 653 296.

Three Words … Chocolate – Buttermilk – Donuts. Sweet Dream Foods had me at hello when I discovered their signature donut. Chocolate and Buttermilk in a donut with a glazed icing. Well did you ever. Who was the genius behind that recipe! I’d like to shake their hand.

Sweet Dream Foods - Bagels and Donuts

Chocolate Buttermilk Donuts

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Cocktail Gastronomy – Event Planning


Cocktail Gastronomy, 452 Newcastle Street, West Perth WA 6005, Phone 0428 823 569.

Pop Up Bar … Took a lovely break from the crowds at the Food Truck Rumble. And sat quietly sipping a Lychee Mojito in the Popup Bar. They were playing music and the actual cocktail making was a little bit of a show in itself.

Cocktail Gastronomy

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The Honeycake – Bakery – Wholesaler


The Honeycake, Corner St Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 0422 601 707.

The Bees Knees … The Twilight Hawkers Market in the City held an inaugural “Dessert Garden” section for the last few nights of the early 2015 Season. Xena and I thought this was a great thing to do. Nothing but desserts and about ten Food Stalls set up to tempt our taste buds. Yeah Baby.

The Honeycake - Bakery - Wholesaler

Photo Courtesy: The Honeycake

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