Why Food Reviews?


Why Food Reviews?

Why Food Reviews?

Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth … Fried Chickpea and Quinoa Burger with Zuni Pickles and Tomato Chilli Relish … a mountain of yum.

It’s simple. I’ve been a foodie my whole life and remember even as a child I would go out of my way to the cake shop that had the best eclairs. Preferring to spend my hard earned pocket money on the quality rather than the quantity. A trait that has given me some truly fabulous foodie experiences.

I was writing for Urbanspoon for a year and a half under the name Anton Jones, becoming a “Prime” in my first few months. When Zomato bought out The Spoon, all users were automatically transferred over and, for a few months, I wrote for them but decided that the big Z wasn’t for me.

It was fun being Anton Jones but now I’m back to being me, just Julie Smyth.

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Credentials: For 10 years I wrote Internet related articles, reviewed software, hardware and technical books. I’m a Graphic and Website Designer by trade. Training adults about computing and writing Courseware was also a big part of my life for a long time.

Why Food Reviews?
I’ve been writing Food Reviews now since late 2013, when I had a meal that changed the way I thought about Perth food. The culprit was the Opus Restaurant at the Richardson Hotel in West Perth. And, it was an amazing experience.

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