Atrium Buffet Crown Metropol Perth


Atrium Buffet, Crown Metropol, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood WA 6100, Phone 9362 7551.

Christmas Eve Lunch … Have been to The Crown Atrium Buffet many times over the years. This time, I noticed small details had changed, for the better. They had added Dim Sum, Indian Curries, Dahl, Paratha Bread, more Seafood and the Dessert Bar was brimming with a wide selection of Yum.

Atrium Buffet Crown Metropol

Work shouted us to lunch at the Atrium for our end of year celebration. And, I have to say the food was incredible. Because as well as all the new food, they had a traditional dinner on offer. Perfect turkey, incredible gravy and roast vegetables. And, even Christmas Pudding.

Atrium Buffet Crown Metropol

That didn’t stop me from trying the Dim Sum where I picked up a couple of Prawn Dumplings and Chilli Sauce. Or, the Indian, where I tried a very small portion of the chicken curry and dhal.

Saving room for a small portion of the turkey and trimmings. I really like Buffets and never over eat, just stick to small plates of food. And, besides, there were all those desserts to try. Rest assured they are very tiny desserts.

Interestingly, the buffet lunch included a gift box of two bottles of Western Australian wine. This was a surprise as we weren’t expecting the Boss to be so generous.

Atrium Buffet Crown Metropol

I also noted that all staff were smiling and the service was really attentive. Have been to the Atrium a number of times and been a bit disappointed but this time I was very happy to be there.   We had been seated in a private area, just for us. So we had two staff members to ourselves. The area was festively decorated and people around us were just having fun.

Yeah. It was great.

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