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Ugly Duckling Wines, 7790 West Swan Road, West Swan WA 6055, Phone 0428 349 855.

No Swans Here … Read an article about Ugly Duckling Wines and their association with the Bindoon Bakehaus. Seems the Winery supplies their Wines to the Bakehaus for their Pies. And, then the winery gets Pies with sauces made from their Wines. Think Chicken and Chardonnay Pies, Steak, Mushroom and Shiraz Pies. You get the picture. It’s a good arrangement.

Ugly Duckling Wines

West Swan Road

Organised to meet a group of people at Ugly Duckling Wines. But, as usual, I arrived first. There were a few people around tasting wines etc. But, it seemed that staff were too busy to even say hello. Tried to catch someone’s eye to ask where we could sit etc. Just didn’t happen.

So, I sat down at a large table and waited for my party to turn up. Which they did about 15 minutes later. In all that time, no member of staff even looked in my direction. Even though I looked expectantly at them every time they zoomed past.

It was a swelteringly hot day. Temperatures had reached 40C. There was limited shade and no way to avoid the heat.

We were served quite quickly after the rest of the table arrived. But the wait for food was over an hour. It was a long wait for three share Platters and two Pies! My pie was not the best. The sauce had turned gluggy, the chicken was okay but it had definitely been micro waved. I only ate it because I was hungry. Shame. My friend had the Steak Pie and said it was very nice. Double Shame really, what happened to my Pie?

The wine was fine, quaffable.

The venue is not very big and very close to the busy West Swan Road. It could use some imagination and on a hot afternoon an investment in a water misting system would make things way more pleasant.

Not exactly sure how Ugly Duckling Wines has rated so highly on Urbanspoon. The food was so so, the service was disappointing and the atmosphere was not good.

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