Wagamama – CLOSED – Ramen Japanese Fusion


Wagamama, Corner Roberts Road and Suddon Street, Subiaco WA 6008.

Yo Mama … What I love about having my own blog is that I no longer have to obey the rules. Well, Urbanspoon or the big Z’s rules that is. Which is why I am putting up a review of Wagamama. A restaurant that is now closed. It was a favourite of ours. We ate there just about weekly. Couldn’t get enough of our favourite dishes.

Wagamama Perth - CLOSED

The negativity surrounding Wagamama was legendary. Urbanspoon voters had ranked the Restaurant at 47% or something. Which was outrageous. The bad reviews were horrendous. And, some contained outright lies. There was one where the guest complained that his $8.00 juice was out of a can. That is impossible, as they made their own juices. I had watched them do it many times. It was the injustice that annoyed me. But for some reason The Spoon allowed it to happen and no bad reviews were mediated.

So here is my review, unmediated.

Can’t understand the bad reviews for Wagamama. This restaurant is a little eccentric with it’s rules but once you get the hang of them you can settle in and just enjoy the food.

Those rules, by the way, are wait to be seated and there is no guarantee that meals will come out all at once. These rules are clearly stated by wait staff on guest arrival and they are written on the menu. Yet, people openly throw tantrums that the meals don’t come out all at once.

I eat at Wagamama because the food is freshly cooked. The kitchen is open and you can see the chefs preparing the food. The food has great flavours, fresh herbs and vegetables. My favourite is the Spicy Chicken Itame which comes with chicken breast, zucchini, broccoli, chilli and their secret recipe sauce all served on a bed of sauce soaked rice … Yum. Or, the Tofu version of the same dish, which is also excellent.

Really like the entree Chicken Gyoza with chilli dipping sauce. Xena can never go past the Chicken Katsu. Oh, and their Ramen was pretty great as well.

I find the portion sizes are really big, so was surprised to read people commenting that serves are small.

A lot of the highly defaming reviews were about the staff. Some truly hideous things were said. It made me wonder if they had in fact dined at Wagamama at all but had ended up in another Restaurant. The staff meet and greet with a happy smile. Orders are taken. Food is served. End of story. In the many number of times I dined in there was no hours to wait for food, no stupid people serving, no one talking back, i.e. no bad service.

Have never had a problem with either the service or the food at Wagamama.

A big fan. Still sad that it is closed, miss the food. The chain still has restaurants open in Europe.

Rest In Peace Wagamama Perth – Be Aware That You Are Missed …

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