Jolly Good Indian Restaurant – Private Rooms


Jolly Good Indian, 1004b Beaufort Street, Bedford WA 6052, Phone 9272 2111.

Atmosphere … The Jolly Good Indian is located in an old 1920’s house in Bedford. In fact, it occupies the whole house, a shop front and separate rooms and spaces for a little privacy whilst eating.

Jolly Good Indian Restaurant

The Restaurant is housed in an impressive looking building which sits right on the corner just opposite the Civic Hotel. It should be heritage listed but it is not.

We went along in a small group and were shown to a private room. This was excellent as we could be as rowdy as we liked. Not that we were rowdy but we could have been.

The Jolly Good Indian is BYO, so we had come prepared with a couple of bottles. Yeah, we know how to par-tay. Just kidding, I think we had a couple of glasses each. Interestingly, we were left to open our bottles ourselves, no biggie, but usually restaurants rush to charge corkage. Not here it seems.

Jolly Good Indian Restaurant

The staff weren’t very attentive which is the down side of a private room. But our food order was taken eventually. I got the distinct feeling that we hadn’t ordered enough food, as the server kept suggesting other curries to try. There were 5 of us and we ordered 5 curries, rice and bread. Pretty sure that’s enough food.

So, the food was fine. Good honest curries with nicely spiced sauces. You can ask for the heat level that you want. And, most of our dishes were medium because some of the group didn’t like much spice. But the ingredients were good quality and we managed to eat just about everything.

Food = 8/10. Atmosphere = 10/10. Service = 7/10.

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