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Sitella, 100 Barrett Street, Herne Hill WA 6056, Phone 9296 2600.

Beautiful Setting, Lovely Wines … Sitella is a winery and is the brain child of Simon and Maaike Berns and their team of professionals who create some pretty high end wines. Sitella is also home to a very glamorous Restaurant.

Sitella Winery and Restaurant

Photo: Courtesy Sitella Winery and Restaurant

Sittella has the most beautiful setting on a hill slope overlooking rows of vines and a dam. If you’re lucky you will get a seat on their deck which is the perfect position to take in this view.

As I mentioned they make some pretty high end wines but my favourite is their sparkling wine. It’s a unique blend and one that I purchase for special occasions.

In the Restaurant, Head Chef Mike Price, whose experience includes the Connaught Hotel in London, rules the kitchen.

We opted for the set menu of 3 courses. Not usually into eating 3 courses but this food was pretty worth it. A trio of dips to start, followed by Snapper, Mash and Vegetables with Strawberries and Icecream for dessert. Perfect.

The food is really good and sometimes the service is a bit of a let down. But the reason I keep going back is for that view, the food and a taste of that sparkling wine.

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