Buongiorno Roma – Italian Cafe – CLOSED


Buongiorno Roma, Shop 145a-b, 243-253 Walter Road, Morley WA 6062.

Great Italian Food … This little gem is hidden away in the Coventry Village Markets in Morley. Had walked past a number of times but this time I actually looked at the food. Everything looked homemade and fresh. Pastas, Cotoletta (think schnitzel), Roasted Vegetables. Yum.

Buongiorno Roma


They offer a Combination Plate which includes Pasta, Chicken Cotoletta and Vegetables for $15.00. This is a large amount of food and mostly too much for me for one meal, so I get it to take away. That way I get leftovers.

Really like the roasted vegetables. Potato, Carrot, Cabbage and Onions. The Chicken is always breast meat and is very tender, perfectly cooked. The pasta varies but usually spinach and ricotta of some variety or a Neapolitan sauce. Good home style cooking at a good price.

They also do proper coffee. I tried an espresso and it was really good, loads of crema no sharp back taste. Impressive. They also do a proper Cappuccino. Something that is becoming hard to find in Perth.

The café it self is rather nice, with tables and chairs and overlooks the children’s playground. The markets don’t have a lot of scenery but the food more than makes up for it.

One thought on “Buongiorno Roma – Italian Cafe – CLOSED

  1. sus-ten-ance

    Buongiorno Roma Cafe has closed and a Coffee Cafe has opened in it’s place.

    Cafe One45 offers coffee, cake and more. Xena and I tried a coffee and it was very impressive.

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