Inglewood Hotel – Sports Bar – Restaurant – Pub


Inglewood Hotel, 803 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA 6050, Phone 9370 5511.

Great venue … The Inglewood Hotel is certainly a good looking building. Sitting tall and proud on Beaufort Street with its front courtyard and dining area.

Inglewood Hotel - Sports Bar - Restaurant - Pub

Art Deco Circa 1936

Walking into the Hotel you’re confronted with a giant bar taking up most of the centre of the room. There is eclectic seating, lounges, high tables and chairs, low tables and coffee tables. I really like the feel of the place, it’s comfortable.

There are also televisions and big screens because the lounge bar is basically a sports bar. They will throw an event for most of the major sporting matches or races. Will put on Bar Food and sometimes put together a special cocktail to celebrate the event. It’s good marketing.

I like dropping in to the Inglewood Hotel for a cocktail or a beer. Not so impressed with the food, so we usually eat somewhere else. But the atmosphere in the bar is pretty good and the beer list is awesome.

Saying that, we have eaten in the Restaurant a few times. Once I was served calamari that wasn’t quite cooked. It was replaced with a dish that was still not quite cooked. We did try it but decided not to eat the rest.

So, in my opinion, the food is a little hit and miss.

The Inglewood Hotel was established Circa 1936 and it is Heritage Listed. Mainly because Inglewood, Mount Lawley and Menora have been set aside to be retained as heritage suburbs. But really it is because the building is original Art Deco.

Art Deco buildings are not that rare in Perth. It’s just that a considerable number of these types of building have been demolished. I’m all for keeping this genre of architecture alive and happy to hear that this building is listed.

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