Kailis Brothers Fish Cafe Leederville


Kailis Brothers Fish Cafe, 101 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9443 6300.

Memories … Kailis Brothers are infamous in Perth as they are one of the biggest family run businesses. Established in 1926 and from humble beginnings as Greek Immigrants, they are now a multi-million dollar concern. Distributing over 6000 quality products Australia wide.

Kailis Brothers Fish Cafe Leederville

Up until recently I had never had a bad meal at the Cafe. But as the special occasion this time was a 21st Birthday celebration, it was not a great night to get it so wrong.

Kailis Brothers Fish Cafe Leederville

So, I ordered the Grilled Snapper with vegetables. The fish looked a bit of a mess when my plate was put in front of me. There were three small pieces and they were dripping in oil. Or, Latho Lemano dressing, as the menu stated. It seems to me that the Chef was a bit heavy handed with the dressing. The vegetables were great, al dente and fresh.

Xena’s Garlic Prawns were very average, lacking the substantial garlic taste that was expected. They were a little tough from being overcooked.

I feel like I’m betraying a friend writing this review because Kailis Brothers Fish Café has seen me eat many a fine meal. But in this financial climate the cost of the meal should equal the quality of the food. In  my mind this meal was not a fair exchange.

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