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Mille Cafe, 1000 Beaufort Street, Bedford WA 6052, Phone 9271 2288.

Why is it so? … Mille Café is a very large Café, it is split level and there is also pavement seating. Looking out over Beaufort Street and the Civic Hotel across the road. It’s also a place that has been very popular with locals.

It’s a Café I’ve been to many times and have enjoyed the food. Always thought it was a little pricey but the food and service were generally good.

Mille Cafe

Photo: Courtesy Mille Cafe

Wow. Just wow. Reading through some reviews of the Café knocked me for six. I cannot believe the bad reviews for this place. I guess I need the people who are giving the bad reviews to be a little more specific about how bad their experience was. It seems that the actual details are vague but the overall opinion is the food is poor. No specific dishes are mentioned.

Just my opinion, but if you’re going to give a bad review you should also take the time to give constructive criticism. Let them know what they did wrong and perhaps they’ll fix it. I know if it were my Café that’s what I would want. Not vague. Straightforward.

Anyway, we enjoyed our food. The service was good. The atmosphere just fine. We shared a Pizza of the Day and a glass of wine each. Perfect.

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