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Subiaco Hotel, 465 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 600, Phone 9381 3069.

Faded Star … The Subiaco Hotel is housed in a grand old building on the Corner of Rokeby Road. There is both indoor and outdoor dining and it is a charming venue.

Subiaco Hotel

Photo: Courtesy Subiaco Hotel

As it had been a long time between visits I was keen to catch up on how the place was doing. Especially as this used to be my favourite place for lunch in Perth.

Subiaco Hotel

Photo: Courtesy Subiaco Hotel

On this visit things appeared to have changed possibly due to the departure of their Chef.

So, we ordered the Fish and Chips and asked if it could be grilled and our waitperson said yes. Sadly, the obviously frozen fish had been undercooked and was practically transparent.

When we complained the dishes were taken off the bill, which was kind of them. We decided not to try something else but to cut our losses.

Heritage Listed and History:

The Subiaco Hotel was built in the Gold Rush era of the 1890’s, Circa 1896.

There’s a story about Irishman John Murphy who co-owned the Hotel in the 1890’s. He famously used one of the rooms for gambling. Murphy often joked that the wide windows overlooking Hay Street and Rokeby Road were perfect for spotting cops.

The Building was Heritage Listed in 2014.

2016 Update:
So the Subiaco Hotel has a new Chef and a new menu and Xena and I are looking forward to a revisit.

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