Dim Sum Trolley – Chinese Dim Sum


Dim Sum Trolley, Hawkers Cuisine, 123 James Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Phone 9227 8633.

Give Me The Dumplings … Dim Sum Trolley is located at the very end of the Old Shanghai Food Court on James Street. This Food Court has been around a long time. The vendors, mainly Asian, offer Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Thai and there is a Steak House.

Dim Sum Trolley

Old Shanghai Food Court on James Street

It’s a place to go when you want something quick and fresh. It is very clean, staff clean up constantly, and there is a Bar. Which Means Dumplings and Beer.

The atmosphere is your typical Food Court. Rows of tables and chairs with people eating. It’s buzzing and there are many opportunities for people watching. Both in the Food Court and the passers by on James Street.

Still in mourning for the Emperor’s Court, (don’t ask), I tried Dim Sum Trolley. Always seem to have low expectations for Perth Dim Sum but was pleasantly surprised with this venue.

The prawn dumplings were great value at $5.00 for 3. I’m a big Rice Flour Roll fan and their Prawn Rolls were awesome. The Crispy Fried Squid was also fairly decent, a little chewy, but not greasy.

And, Egg Custard Tarts. A favourite Dim Sum treat of mine. These were really good, with flaky pastry and a delicate custard.

Definitely on the cards for a return visit.

Dim Sum Trolley is located in the Shanghai Food Court on James Street in Northbridge.

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