Le Bakehouse – Bakery – Patisserie


Le Bakehouse, Shop 5/139 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 9443 1225.

Surprising chicken pie … Had a chicken and vegetable pie from Le Bakehouse and was surprised at how much chicken was in the pie. Great tender chicken pieces with vegetables and a subtle sauce. The flaky pastry was great. Definitely recommend.

Le Bakehouse - Bakery - Patisserie

Le Bakehouse is located at the end of Tip Top Arcade off Oxford Street. It is take away only. There are no tables or chairs, just the serving counter.

Le Bakehouse - Bakery - Patisserie

Whenever I go by I have to stop and look over the bread, cakes and pastries on offer. They always look amazing. This bakery seems to excel with their bread and filled rolls. They will make these to order and I can’t go past their crusty baguettes. My favourite is just a plain salad roll on one of their baguettes. There’s something about the crunchy salad and bread together that particularly appeals to me.

Le Bakehouse - Bakery - Patisserie

They sell quite an array of products like croissants, pies and pasties, assorted slices, tarts and cakes.  Their bread varieties are varied and include gluten free loaves and rolls. In winter they sell soup. And, they have their own brand of coffee.

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