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Clancy’s Fish Bar, 19 Challenger Parade, City Beach WA 6015, Phone 9385 7555.

Fabulous View … Clancy’s Fish Bar has a top spot right on the beach. The restaurant has floor to ceiling windows to make the most of that view. And, it is an absolute delight sitting and watching the rolling waves.

Clancy's Fish Bar City Beach

Photo: Courtesy Clancy’s Fish Bar

It’s a very large restaurant and it is very brightly furnished. There are murals and a huge bar and the kitchen is open which lends the opportunity to watch the Chefs cooking.

The waitperson escorted us to a table with a view and returned quickly with menus and water.

The view at Clancy’s Fish Bar may be worth going for but sadly the food we had was not.

The menu makes the food sound enticing but when the food was put in front of us we were very disappointed.

Used to La Cholita’s grub, we ordered the Fish Tacos. When they arrived we were alarmed because they were a bit of a mess as they were greasy and the fish was a bit soggy. There was a nice slaw and dressing though. We also ordered the Jalapeño Three Blind Mice. Which were also deep fried with Cheese in the middle surprisingly Xena thought these were okay. I couldn’t get past the greasiness and let Xena eat the lot.

Update 2016:
I’ve heard that their menu has had a major revamp. So the opportunity to taste some fresh food may tempt us back. A glass of wine and that view would make it worth the effort.

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