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Baguette Me Not, Location Varies, Phone 9381 4410.

Banh Mi Goodness … Baguette Me Not is a Market Stall and they specialise in Franco-Vietnamese Fusion food. We came across them at the Victoria Park Farmer’s Market. Their stall had a big queue. So we joined the queue to see what the fuss was about.

Baguette Me Not

Bahn Mi

Baguette Me Not offer baguettes filled with either pulled pork, grilled chicken or field mushrooms. Topped with loads of crunchy salad and the French twist of pate. Love the julienned carrots in the salad. The pate is made from Pork, so I usually ask them to leave it out. But I can see why these sandwiches are popular. The baguettes add another French touch and they are very crunchy. Delicious.

These are great sandwiches and addictive. It’s lucky that their Market stall attends quite a few different Food Markets. As, it means I can get my Bahn Mi fix a little more often.

Update 14/12/2015:
I’ve just noticed that Baguette Me Not have a fixed address on their Facebook page. Shop 8, The Colonade, 388 Hay Street, Subiaco. I’m hoping this means they’ve moved into Subiaco and Bahn Mi is available anytime. A reconnoitre mission to Subiaco will take place shortly. Watch this space.

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