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Bob’s Bar, Print Hall, Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth Wa 6000, Phone 6282 0077.

Dumplings and Cava … What I like about Bob’s Bar most is that it’s named after Bob Hawke. Not because I’m a fan but because if ever there was a larrikin that deserved a bar named after him it’s BH. The walls are lined with quotes from the man himself. “Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum.” Etc.

Bob's Bar Print Hall Precinct

Photo: Courtesy Bob’s Bar

True to the bar’s namesake, it specialises in beer.

Bob’s Bar is part of the Print Hall Precinct. It is a rooftop bar that feels like home when you walk in. Decorated with wooden benches and tables and lined with greenery. It feels like someone’s patio. But with a bar and serving delicious food.

We went to Bob’s Bar to try their cocktails. Well Xena did, I prefer a glass of wine. But we were tempted by the menu so ordered a plate of prawn and coriander dumplings. They have a very small menu but everything had a gourmet twist.

Xena’s cocktail was flamboyantly presented to her. She sipped it tentatively and deemed it okay. Fully worth the $15.00 or so dollars just for the show.

Sipping a glass of Cava, eating some very tasty dumplings and admiring the view. It’s what Bob’s Bar is all about. Relaxing and unwinding after a hard day’s work.

Absolutely love Perth’s small bar explosion. Bars are popping up everywhere. Especially in the City and Northbridge. Bob’s Bar is unique and fun.

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