Watertown Noodle Inn – CLOSED


Watertown Noodle Inn, 32A / 840 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9226 1389.

Busy Kitchen … At Watertown again, looking for bargains. These days I don’t shop for the sake of it. If there is something that we need we will go and shop. Otherwise, abstinence.

Watertown Noodle Inn

After a couple of hours we were hungry. With a capital H. And decided today it would be Noodles.

To be fair I decided to try the Pad Thai on a very busy Sunday. The kitchen was not coping and there were loads of tables waiting for food. We should have known better.

When our food came Xena’s Prawn dish looked picture perfect, literally, there was a picture of it above the counter. While my Pad Thai looked a bit of a mess. The tamarind taste was great but the gristly chicken was a disaster. Pushing the chicken aside I sampled the tofu, egg, prawns (2), noodles and vegetables. The combination was okay but not great. I think the greyish tinge turned me off.

Xena received her dish quite quickly, which was surprising. But I sat waiting at the table for my food. The person next to me had Pad Thai and it looked far superior to what I was later presented with.

It would be nice if the Watertown Noodle Inn Chef paid more attention to detail. Lettering this dish go out was a mistake. I would have rather waited longer and received a better plate of food. But Cie La Vie.

Watertown Noodle Inn is medium sized with a nice décor. But because they were so busy, tables weren’t being cleared. Not such a great introduction to their food and service.

Watertown Noodle Inn is part of the former Harbourtown Complex in Perth

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