Saffron Indian Restaurant – Licensed


Saffron Indian Restaurant, 907B Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052, Phone 9272 3459.

Spice is Life … Saffron Indian Restaurant a stalwart of the Beaufort Street eateries. The Restaurant is settled amongst a slew of cafes. They are always busy, so the competition seems to be good for business.

Saffron Indian Restaurant

Our experience at Saffron Indian Restaurant was pleasant. We ordered take away and the staff were friendly, even offering suggestions on what we might like.

Saffron Indian Restaurant

We decided on a Chicken Jhal Frezi and a Dahl with Saffron Rice. The lentils in the Dahl were delicious, chewy and nicely spiced. This was great home style cooking and it would be worth going back for this dish alone.

Saffron Indian Restaurant

On a prior visit we tried Saffron’s Kofta. These hand made balls consisted of potato, home made cheese and chickpea flour, cooked in a gorgeous cashew nut curry sauce. It’s hard to get a good Vegetarian Kofta in Perth so Saffron is a find.

Saffron Indian Restaurant

So, the Restaurant is modern and has a comfortable feel to it and the long stemmed roses are a nice touch. I’d say there are 100 seats available which makes it quite a large venue. Loved that there were various nooks and corners for couples to sit and get some privacy.

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