Village Bar. Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Licensed.


Village Bar, 10-531 Hay Street, Subiaco WA 6008, Phone 9381 5099.

Small plates of Delicious Food … Went to the Village Bar by accident really as it was raining heavily and we were hungry. The staff were friendly and laughed when we came in, as we looked like drowned rats.

Village Bar

We had found a table, received menus and water and ordered in about 15 minutes. Timely.

Tried a few small plates of food, Arancini, Poutine and Chilli Squid. Some good flavour combos and great texture to the squid. The Arancini, a favourite of mine, was great, pumpkin and saffron? Pretty sure.

Must say though that Poutine probably isn’t a dish I would rush out to try again but I did enjoy trying something different.

Although we ordered from the “Share” section of the menu, I scanned the “Main” section and noted that there were about four items that sounded good to me. Always a good thing.

Oh, and a sensational glass of sparkling French for $10. Village Bar’s motto is to deliver very drinkable drops at a good price. They’re doing it well.

So, we had dried out considerably, in a very relaxing way, and headed for home. The Villagers thank you for their dinner.

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