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Missy Moos Burger Bar, Shop 24, The Mezz, 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn WA 6016, Phone 9444 8590.

Such a shame … Had heard good things about Missy Moos Burger Bar and on walking into the venue was struck by the funky decor and service bar. Definitely child friendly as decorations included children’s artwork. So was feeling cheerful about our choice for lunch.

Missy Moos Burger Bar

Children’s Gallery

Things went a little down hill from there. No smiles or eye contact for quite a few minutes even though there were no other guests in the place. Eventually, order taken, we sat and waited a short while for the food. We were not offered water.

So, the bun was not toasted, the bread was very white and tasteless. The fish was grilled and had not been left to rest so the juices had made the bun soggy. There was mayonnaise on the top and another sauce on the bottom (possibly tartare) and both were overpowering. The fish itself was a nice texture but the taste was hidden under the sauces. It was topped with a whole heap of spinach and a slice of tomato. All in all it was edible but not the best we’ve tried.

Missy Moos chips were just average frozen chips, they did taste good though. I like a bit of entertainment with food presentation and I could have made this dish myself at home.

Such a shame as the venue is great and all the food needs is a bit more taste, less sauce and better presentation.

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