The Re Store Northbridge – Cafe – Delicatessen


The Re Store Northbridge, 72 Lake Street, Northbridge Wa 6003, Phone 9328 1877.

Italian Chocolates … Unlike it’s sister store in Leederville, the Re Store Northbridge does not sell wine or spirits. But it has a very attractive outdoor dining area, right on Lake Street. Where they fit right in with the other cafes on the strip.

The Re Store Northbridge

Photo: Courtesy The Re STore

The Northbridge building is home base for The Re Store. It was the first store the family purchased in 1936, when they came to Australia as immigrants. Founders John and Maria Re took a risk and hocked Maria’s engagement ring to complete the purchase. And, opened their Continental Delicatessen, one of the first in Perth. They haven’t looked back since.

There is no alcohol at The Re Store Northbridge but the place does have all the other advantages. Like take home handmade pasta and sauces, just heat and serve at home. A large range of Italian chocolates, including my favourites Pernigotti. Those little triangular chocolates light up my life.

An enormous cheese selection, including tubs of grated parmesan, pecorino and provolone. And, Italian groceries, like Panettone and San Marzano tinned tomatoes. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I visit.

The Re Store Northbridge bonus is they have a whole section devoted to coffee machines. From the very expensive to the more affordable. And, other cooking paraphernalia, like little gnocchi boards, stove top one cup espresso makers and pasta making machines. Interesting stuff.

Oh, and the traditional Re Store fresh made continental rolls are awesome. I’m sure you’ve heard me wax lyrical about these continental rolls before. So just a small example of one I took home. Think crunchy ciabatta with provolone cheese, topped with Melanzane, peppers, salad and condiments. Very good value for money and exceptional ingredients right off The Re Store shelves.

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