Miss Maud Pastry House – Perth CBD


Miss Maud Pastry House, Perth CBD, 97 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9325 3900.

Since 1971 … Miss Maud is a Perth tradition. Established by Maud Edmiston, an immigrant from Sweden, who wanted nothing more than to cook for Perth. And, to introduce Swedish food to a new audience. Her success today is the culmination of years of hard work on her part. In 2011 Maud celebrated 40 years of trading and over 16 venues to her name. They seem to have been a part of my early life and family celebrations for a long time.

Photo: Courtesy of Miss Maud Pastry House - Perth CBD

Photo: Courtesy of Miss Maud Pastry House – Perth CBD

The green Princess Cake has been guest of honour at many family Birthdays. Can’t get over the Marzipan Icing, so good. The sponge, jam and custard layers of the actual cake are exemplary. I know when I pick up a slice that it will be great, no question. And, I don’t do it often these days, there’s a waistline to think about. Mine.

Saying that though, I can’t seem to walk past a Miss Maud Pastry House without wanting to buy a chicken pie. Sure, I want to buy a pie every time but I don’t. Waistline, remember?

Miss Maud Pastry House - Perth CBD

The sauce is great, I would like to suggest that there is no cream in it. But there has to be, it tastes so good. It’s either cream or butter. One or the other. The chicken is melt in your mouth, obviously slow cooked because it is so succulent. And, the vegetables are always diced finely and there’s usually loads. The pastry is the wild card. Some of the venues don’t pay enough attention to getting it crispy. I know which ones do now and pick my venues for a pie. For the earnest pie hunter, it’s come down to that. The importance of being Earnest.

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