Vesuvio Hand Made Pasta and Pastries


Vesuvio Hand Made Pasta and Pastries, 1 / 20 Exchange Road, Malaga WA 6070, Phone 9248 1777.

Rage Against The Machine … Vesuvio hand make all their Pasta and Pastries. They are often asked why they don’t use Machines. They say they’re happy to do it all by hand because their customers enjoy the food so much.

Vesuvio Hand Made Pasta and Pastries

And, enjoying their food is absolutely what I do. Vesuvio Hand Made Pasta have a tiny café at the front of their Factory in Malaga. From there they sell their freshly made pasta in frozen packs. This is Restaurant quality pasta that you can take home and cook yourself.

At lunch time they offer lunch specials. Where they take a selection of their hand made pasta add sauce and sell at a good lunch time price.

What’s also good is you can see into the factory and watch the staff hand rolling the various pasta shapes. Like fagottini, tortelloni, ravioli, gnocchi etc. Their pasta is some of the best looking I’ve seen. They use vegetables to add colour to their range. I really like the black and white pasta they do. It looks really different, classy somehow.

Vesuvio Hand Made Pasta and Pastries

They also do a range of Gourmet Pastries. Little bites of heaven.

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