Shak Shuka – Moroccan Experience


Shak Shuka, 271 Selby Street, Subiaco WA 6008, Phone 0425 222 453.

Consistently Good … Funnily enough I used to dine at Blake’s Café when it was a humble brunch place. It became a degustation place after a change of ownership and got a little too rich for my blood. I believe the café has closed now.

Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience

I remember having the best Moroccan Egg dish for breakfast there. And, as that was in the early naughties it must have been some dish. Riki Caspi was the Chef at the time. Her son, Elli, now runs Shak Shuka.

Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience

Shak Shuka is a Market Stall that can be found at a number of Food Markets around Perth. They sell Moroccan style eggs. Two eggs poached in specially blended tomato sauce, (with optional chorizo), crusty Baguette and Harrissa dip. Think they’re around $11.00 for the basic dish.

Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience

When I first tried the Moroccan eggs I couldn’t get over how good they were and now I know why. The fact that they’re readily available around Perth is a great thing. These are seriously good eggs.

Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience

Inglewood on Beaufort Markets

Can’t get over how consistently good the food is, beautiful tomato and garlicky sauce with a hot Harissa condiment. And, there’s crusty bread to mop up the extra and two eggs poached in the sauce. Bliss.

Couldn’t ask for a better breakfast, or lunch, or dinner.

Shak Shuka - Moroccan Experience

Note: Caught up with Shak Shuka at the Inglewood on Beaufort Markets. They had a special Chicken Tagine with Couscous. It was so good I had to take photos. Really rich vegetable tagine, with tender chicken. Yum.

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