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Cafe Oranje, Location Varies, Phone 0434 004 146.

Poffertjes … Or, Danish Pancakes, are becoming quite popular in Perth. And, it’s all down to the Café Oranje Market Stall. Which can be found at many of the Food Markets around Town.

Cafe Oranje

Photo: Courtesy Cafe Oranje

Have been wanting to try Cafe Oranje’s delicious little pancakes for a while and was not disappointed. Xena now has a giant crush on these pancakes and informs me she will be hunting them down at future markets.

The two smiling ladies at this Market Stall were very efficient and friendly. And, it was fun to watch the Poffertjes being made in their special pan.

We have tried the pancakes with butter and sugar (traditional style) and also the Nutella variety. From memory it was Nutella, it could well have been their own chocolate sauce. Pancakes are pancakes I hear you saying, well I thought so too, until I tried Poffertjes. These tiny little things puff up and melt in your mouth. Have not tried anything like them before.

Traditional Poffertjes are made with Buckwheat flour and Yeast. That could explain why they’re so light and puffy.

Poffertjes are also known in Indonesia because of the historical ties of it being a former Dutch colony.

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