Amaizing – Venezuelan Market Stall


Amaizing, 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6051, Phone 0427 358 043.

Venezuelan Cachapas … Amaizing have been around a year or more now and offer Perth some truly exciting Venezuelan food.

Amaizing - Venezuelan Market Stall

Arepa – Chicken and Avocado

Arepas are rolls which are made from maize flour but are thick and delicious. They are like super sized Bao rolls, soft and pillowy. Cachapas are thinner and softer. Once the filling is spread the Cachapa is folded over like a pancake. They are both made with Maize flour and are gluten free.

So, we were really excited to see that Amaizing now have Cachapas on the menu.

I’m a big fan of these creations, so Xena ordered one filled with black beans and feta. We weren’t disappointed with the melt in the mouth goodness of the ingredient combination. Love their arepas but the cachapas are my favourite.

The Team work very well together. Two people man the grill to cook the bread, while one person puts the fillings together and another works the Cash Register. And, it’s kind of mesmerising to watch.

Amaizing’s market stall can be found at a number of Food Markets around Perth.

June 2016:
We wandered along to Shafto Lane and ate at Angel Falls Grill a few days ago. And discovered where Amaizing have been hanging out lately. In their own brand spanking new Restaurant, ah ha. Read our Review.

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