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Porta Pizza, Location Varies, Phone 0419 868 489.

Margherita Pizza … Visited the Inglewood On Beaufort Night Markets, which is on Monday Nights during the season. And, we couldn’t go past Porta Pizza because the smell of the pizzas cooking was enough to tempt us.

Porta Pizza

The first thing I noticed was the tangy sauce, it was seriously good, and then the creamy bocconcini. A very nice touch to add the bocconcini as well as normal mozzarella. Love the taste of the fresh basil as well. Add on a crunchy chewy pizza base and its Win Win. (and Win).

Porta Pizza

While we sat eating our Pizza we could see the two young women who were rolling out the dough. It was interesting to watch because they would roll and then stretch the dough by hand. This process was repeated until the dough was quite thin and fitted the size of the plate. Boy they were quick at it because they were turning out about 3 pizzas each every few minutes.

Porta Pizza

When we were there, the crew seemed to be very happy and had big smiles on their faces. This business is a market stall but they have a very large portable Wood Fired oven. The also appear to have a following of loyal clients, as can be seen from the queues. Plus, turn around time for the pizza was very good but that would vary depending on the crowds.

Porta Pizza

Porta Pizza is a small family run business. They rely on old fashioned Word of Mouth referrals for the majority of their business. And, that must work for them, judging by the queues. The pizza bases are crisp and thin, and wood fired, obviously. Made using the best possible flour available, imported from Italy.

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Porta Pizza offer a Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Service

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