Lucioli Bar Cafe – CLOSED OCT 2017


Lucioli, Shop 117, Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, (Gugeri Street Side), Claremont WA 6010, Phone 9383 2883.

Great food … On entering Lucioli you are confronted with an array of amazing looking sweet treats. This was a nice way to be introduced to their food with Rum Babas and Croissants.  And, the fabulous Bar which takes centre stage in the main space.

Lucioli Bar Cafe

It’s obvious Lucioli make all their own baked goods, including the Pizza, Bread, Cakes and Pastries. Why is it obvious? Because their commercial kitchen with its big ovens is open and on display for everyone to see. And, the Chefs are also at work hand rolling their Pasta.

After a few minor hiccups with service we were presented with menus and water. The menu was full ofiInteresting and varied food offerings which all sounded delicious.

Xena ordered pasta of the day (one of three on offer) which was a spinach and ricotta lasagne. Excellent layers of soft ricotta, al dente pasta and a rich tomato sauce. Pretty sure there was mozzarella as well and topped with Parmesan Cheese.

Lucioli Bar Cafe

Our dining companion had the Beef Cheek linguine, in a rich Ragu topped with Parmesan Cheese.

Lucioli Bar Cafe

For me it was the Pescatore basket of squid, prawns and fish.

Lucioli Bar Cafe

First impressions when the food arrived was to cut conversation and dive right in, which we did. The seafood selection was cooked to perfection and as delicious as it looked. In fact, it was seasoned very well, expensive tasting salt and oil.

Most noteworthy, is that Lucioli is unique because it is a Bar and a Trattoria. It’s a little expensive but the food is worth paying for.

Lucioli Bar Cafe

So, service in general can be a little bit laid back. In fact the staff are usually very friendly and sometimes they are actually really busy and find it hard to get to everyone. But just sometimes, they aren’t picking up on what needs to be done. Little things like water and menus should be on the check list for new people entering the Cafe. I’m not really complaining because I’m there for the food.

Prosecco Note:
Lucioli have six different Proseccos available by the glass and they range in price from $9.00 through to $15.00.

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  1. Very sad to see Lucioli of Claremont close their doors. Visited Claremont this morning (17th October 2017) and Lucioli has left the building. Not a trace left. Good luck with your pop up venture guys!!

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