Bing Boy Urban Asian Street Food – Omelettes


Bing Boy, 4 Collier Road, Morley WA 6062, Phone 8356 2248.

Wraps … Surprised to see a new addition to the Morley Galleria

Food Court. Bing Boy Urban Asian Street Food is a breath of fresh air with its muted yellow shop front and happy smiling face logo.

Bing Boy

Morley Galleria

The shop has glass fronts to all the grills, like crepe machines, so you can watch the Bing Boy wraps being made. And, watching the production of Bings is a little mesmerising, definitely a learned skill.

Bing is a Chinese term used to describe a traditional thin wheat omelette wrap with various fillings. Bing Boy is based on Chinese Crepes (Jian Bing) which have their origins in Chinese history. They have combined Western and Asian cuisines to create a new fusion style of food.

So, we chose a “Prawn King” which included prawns, baby spinach, sweet and sour carrot, avocado and wonton skin. Particularly liked the texture and taste of the wrap itself, the wonton layer gave a chewy texture. The wrap also had egg painted onto it and was gently heated then moved to a hotter grill to fully cook the other ingredients.

Overall this was well cooked, fresh food at a reasonable price.

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