Jean Pierre Sancho – Bakery – Coffee Shop


Jean Pierre Sancho, 391 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth WA 6006, Phone: 0451 811 904.

Great baguettes … One of my favourite cafe’s closed the other day and all of a sudden it turned into a Jean Pierre Sancho. Which, to me, was disappointing because the café that closed sold incredible filled rolls.

Jean Pierre Sancho

Chicken, Avocado Baguette

But I carried on regardless and ordered a Chicken, Avocado and Sun Dried Tomato Baguette.

When I was presented with my take away roll I was surprised at how big the roll was. It was more like a baguette loaf than a roll.

The baguette was very crunchy and had a great texture. Was a little surprised because JPS is a Franchise. But, this baguette was solid eating on its own, let alone filled to the brim with chicken, avocado, sun dried tomatoes and a rich creamy mayonnaise. It had me beaten, only managing to finish half for lunch. Never fear though I managed to make a return visit to the other half later in the day.

Their display cabinet was absolutely brimming with Cakes, Tarts, Breads and fillings for Baguettes. I noticed that they also did Brunch. May have to venture back to try their eggs.

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