Market Juicery – CLOSED 2018


Market Juicery, Shop 2, 139-141 Oxford Street, Leederville WA 6007, Phone 0458 877 000.

Bagels and Raw Desserts … Reading the reviews for Market Juicery you would assume that juices are the big thing. Well, they are but there is also the food, and there’s a lot to choose from.

Market Juicery

So, food wise, there are bagels, including wholegrain style. I selected a poached chicken, avocado and spicy cream cheese bagel. Loads of tender chicken breast and tasty avocado but it was the spicy cream cheese that turned this roll on its head. At $9 .00 it was definitely value for money. Yum. They also do interesting things like Tuna and brown rice patties. Super healthy goodness.

And, juice wise, they have a long list of fruit and vegetable concoctions. Most with super food boosters and coconut water,  yoghurt, etc.

Market Juicery have a large display case of raw desserts and the slices all look pretty fabulous. Decided I would try one next time we are over that way.

Market Juicery

There is limited seating in the Cafe itself. Just a Bench with seats along the wall really. But the day we were there we snagged two seats. So we sat and drank our juices.

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