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Nao Japanese Restaurant, 117 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9325 2090.

Vegetable Infused Ramen … Nao Japanese Restaurant is a cute, tiny cafe and very authentic looking. The cafe may be small but the ramen soups are big on flavour and full of fresh ingredients.

Nao Japanese Restaurant

Purchased a Miso Ramen with Chicken and Red Chilli Infused Noodles. It was bliss in a bowl (there’s a cafe name in there somewhere). So different to see red noodles in my soup but the taste of the red chilli was prevalent and added a new dimension to the flavours. Excellent.

Nao also produce their ramen in house. They have a ramen machine which they feed the dough through by hand. And, they produce plain, spinach infused and chilli infused. These noodles are delicious and worth a visit to try.

Nao Japanese Restaurant

Setting Up for the Day

I used to walk past Nao Japanese Restaurant and wonder what the bench seats were for outside the café. Then I walked past one lunch time and the bench seats were full of people waiting for a table or take away food.

There is café seating outside on the pavement, shaded by large umbrellas. It is a small area and fills up quickly. You should be prepared to queue. It’s worth the wait in my opinion. Love the food at Nao Japanese Restaurant.

Nao Japanese Restaurant

Outdoor Dining

Even though things are usually hectic in the lunch hour, staff are friendly and efficient. And, it’s all about the food.

Update Dec 2015:
Was walking past today around 10.30am and took the shot above. The staff were setting up for another big day of trade. Setting up the outdoor dining area. And, putting the benches out for the queues.

The calm before the storm of the lunch time rush hour. Quite peaceful really.

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