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Lena Lu Creations, Location Varies, Phone 0426 977 113.

Cornetti Ala Nutella … Found Lena Lu Creations at the, now defunct, Leederville Farmer’s Market. And, had to immediately try one of their Cornetti’s filled with Nutella. A light, buttery pastry filled with chocolaty goodness, very similar to a croissant. Yum.

Lena Lu Creations

Lena Lu specialise in Sicilian food, like Arancini. And, they offer up a range of pastries and cakes including Pidoni and Babka. Another favourite of mine is the Bombolini, jam filled Italian doughnuts. Which look and taste amazing.

Lena Lu Creations

Nutella filling

Lena Lu don’t stock everything, every time they’re at a Market. But you could luck into your favourite on any given event. They will usually present a Menu on Facebook for coming events. A little hint on what might be on offer.

3rd August 2015:
Came across Lena Lu Creations again at the Inglewood on Beaufort Markets. Decided to try one of their mozarella, mushroom and truffle oil Arancini. At $6.00 this was a genuinely good deal. Quite a large Aarancini, with luscious Mozarella and a wonderful mushroomy and truffle mix. Add the buttery risotto rice and it’s just plain yum.

Will be looking forward to tracking down more of these delicious treats.

Lena Lu now have a regular spot at the new Markets on Rokeby in Subiaco. The Markets themselves have halved in size since their opening weekend a month or so ago. Not sure what is going on there.

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  1. Cheryl

    tasted your lovely arancini balls at the market last night. Just an enquiry do you do small arancini balls -Ii’m having
    a 60th for around 40 people. Just wondering what the cost is and the availability would be. Need them for Sat 19/03.
    You can reply to the above address or Cheryl.Dziuba@perthradclinic.com.au

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