Lion and Jaguar Cafe – Coffee Bar – Patisserie


Lion and Jaguar, 7 / 29 Subiaco Square Road, Subiaco WA 6008, Phone 0481 059 906.

Bagels … Rushing through Subiaco train station I grabbed a bagel to go from Lion and Jaguar.

Lion and Jaguar

Tempting Treats

The bagel was rye dough with a good variety of seeds encrusted on the top and was filled with lashings of smoked salmon, capers and wafer thin sliced onions. To be honest I couldn’t work out what the condiment was but it tasted divine. It was a crunchy, healthy lunch and next time will stop to ask what the ingredients are.

Was devastated when Boulangerie closed their doors because they sold the best Pies and were a particular favourite of mine. But when I saw the Lion and Jaguar jungle theme in the revamped Café, I was sold.

Lion and Jaguar

Jungle Theme

So, in my opinion, Lion and Jaguar is a good addition to the Subiaco Café Strip. They have fenced off a small section of the Arcade outside for tables and chairs. There is a huge display cabinet of food on offer. And, I’ve heard the coffee is good but that needs to be checked in a revisit.

A few weeks later I was rushing through Subiaco again and purchased a caramel slice. It was fab with a crunchy base and a medium sized layer of caramel topped off with a chocolatey layer. Can’t go wrong with that, yum.

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