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Danish Patisserie, 5 Dyer Road, Bassendean WA 6054, Phone 93769376.

Hidden Gem … Tucked away in Dyer Road, just off Collier Road, is the Danish Patisserie. Having worked in the area, I was very surprised not to know of its existence.

Danish Patisserie


The bakery opened in 1987, is run by the same family, and has been supplying Perth with Danish breads and pastries since then.

Was overwhelmed with the selection of goods on offer. How do these Patisseries turn out all this food. Cakes, Tarts, Bread, Pies and more. A lot of their food goes out to fill customer’s orders but luckily there is some left for us mere mortal buyers.

Took my time looking over the choice and finally settled for three Petit Fours and a Chicken Stroganoff Pie. Just small pieces to get a feel for the food.

The food from Danish Patisserie was all very good quality and the taste was just fine. Stand out was the Lemon Meringue Tartlet, with its exceptional lemon base and crunchy pastry. A Chocolate Profiterole was next, with patisserie crème and excellent choux pastry. And, finally, one I hadn’t tried before and not even sure what it is called. Chocolate Cream Tartlet? That’s what it tasted like, with meringue style creamy topping and a dark chocolate mousse style filling. It was excellent and so different.

And then we get to the Chicken Stroganoff Pie. It was a good pie, with crunchy pastry both top and bottom. The Stroganoff sauce wasn’t very strong in taste but the chicken and mushrooms were very good. Lots of filling and a crunchy case. What’s not to like.

You can see why they’ve been around so long. They produce good quality baked goods and the pricing isn’t over the top.

Located in Dyer Road Bassendean, they aren’t too far along from Morley Galleria.

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