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Eat No Evil, Location Varies, Phone 0402 762 637.

Dessert Garden … Tried a Salted Caramel Lamington from Eat No Evil at the Dessert Garden, early in 2015. This was part of the final night of the Twilight Hawkers Market in the City.

Eat No Evil

Salted Caramel Lamington

The lamington was of the chewy old fashioned variety. Sponge cake smothered in chocolate icing, coated in shredded coconut and with a salted caramel layer. And, it tasted exactly what you think it would taste like … Bliss.

I’ve always wanted to try Eat No Evil’s food but not eating red meat seems to have gotten in the way. When I stumble across them at a Market, they seem to have nothing I can eat. One day, I will get a chicken taco, or a fish tostada.

Their Food Truck’s motto is “Sexy Food”. Locally sourced and seasonal. Their menu always has unusual pairings of ingredients, which is a good thing.

They are regulars at quite a number of Food Markets around Perth.

Their Mission Statement says it all really … “Our mission is to create a food experience that brings people together. Breaks down barriers and gives an interaction with local ingredients. And, dishes that will inspire you to try something new and really think about what you’re eating. Combining fresh seasonal produce with simple cooking techniques to create sexy food.”

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