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Caviar Catering and Kitchen, 32 Kennard Street, Kensington WA 6151, Phone 9367 7691.

Chicken, Leek & Gruyere Pie … There was definitely something different about this pie. I spied it sitting in its cute Caviar Catering take away container, it was a small pie but it had height. Unusually high but couldn’t wait to try it.

Caviar Catering and Kitchen

Chicken, Leek and Gruyere Pie

The pastry was flaky and buttery, there were loads of chicken and leek. There was definitely a gruyere cheese flavour which made for an extra rich sauce. I had a smile on my face from start to finish. Excellent grub.

Caviar Catering and Kitchen also offer take home meals. They issue the menu on their Facebook page and call the concept “Chow for Now”. At the moment, most of the dishes are $12.00 per serve. And, that includes a few vegetarian dishes.

Their meals are a little more upmarket than your usual food delivery meals. With dishes like Harissa Honey Chicken, Peking Duck Bao, Thai Fish Cakes. You get the picture, they offer gourmet cuisine at reasonable prices.

Their Kitchen in South Perth has the take home food and whatever cakes and pies have been created that day.

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