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Pash Frozen Yoghurt, Location Varies, Phone 0422 228 710.

Chocolate Strawberry Pash … Caught up with Pash Frozen Yoghurt at the 2015 Food Truck Rumble. We went early to avoid the crowds. We managed to avoid them for about half an hour.

Pash Frozen Yoghurt

Chocolate Strawberry Swirl Courtesy: Pash Frozen Yoghurt

The Pash owners were happy to have a chat while serving us. This was nice because a few trucks were overwhelmed from the outset. So there was no chatting from them. The dessert trucks had to wait a bit for that to happen. But they definitely didn’t have to wait for long.

We went early and managed to avoid the crowds for a short while. But when the crowds finally descended it was a little chaotic to say the least.  Queues for food lengthened dramatically. And, as it was a hot day, tempers became a little frayed. Mostly though it was a good experience. Although we did see some supposed adults throw temper tantrums. The joys of people watching.

Pash offer a really creamy frozen yoghurt, sincerely delish and memorable. We purchased one topped with a chocolate swirl and real strawberries. At $5.50 this was good value for money.

Pash Frozen Yoghurt hand make all their yoghurt using locally sourced ingredients and toppings. Pash Yoghurt is 100% natural, 100% real, no cheating.

Really like the Pash logo. So simple and the colour is perfect. I think that every time I see it.

Pash Frozen Yoghurt

Great Logo

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