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What The Flip, Location Varies, Phone 0407 021 485.

Crepes & crowds … Was great to catch up with What The Flip at the 2015 Food Truck Rumble. We went early to try to avoid the crowd and did for a short while. But the crowds, when they came, where like a deluge. Filling up queues faster than a thunder storm fills up a bucket.

What The Flip

At the Inglewood on Beaufort Markets

We tried a few times to order crepes but the crew were inundated. As were just about everyone else by that time. So we left to see what else was on offer and to try again later.

What The Flip

Eventually we scored a Strawberry Fields. Absolutely worth the wait. A buttery crepe with strawberries, cream and sauce all served up in a paper cone. That paper cone is a wondrous thing because it makes eating the food so easy. Sometimes Street Food can be incredibly hard to eat. Not so with the magic of the cone.

What The Flip

with added nutella, wafers and nuts

This vendor offers both savoury and sweet crepes. A standout combination is the trussed tomatoes, smoked ham and cheese. Which they do without the ham as well.

And, even though the crew were extremely busy, we saw smiles. They greeted their customers and served the food and just got on with it. Kudos.

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