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Cocktail Gastronomy, 452 Newcastle Street, West Perth WA 6005, Phone 0428 823 569.

Pop Up Bar … Took a lovely break from the crowds at the Food Truck Rumble. And sat quietly sipping a Lychee Mojito in the Popup Bar. They were playing music and the actual cocktail making was a little bit of a show in itself.

Cocktail Gastronomy

Because of the spasmodic rain they had set up a large Gazebo with ample seating. Seems a few people were sick of the queues because there were cocktails being sipped all around us.

These guys also have a market stall which offers “The Three Little Pigs”, pork done three different ways.

Cocktail Gastronomy

From the people behind the Classroom Bar and Lucky Chan’s. A breath of fresh air at Large Food Events like this one.

Interestingly, the Company also will staff your own event with their professional Cocktail Mixologists. A much nicer tag than bar tenders. Also on offer are their Award Winning Chefs, Wait Staff and Bar Staff. With individual staff being available on an hourly rate. If you fancy a dress up, the event team will organise the food, cocktails and decorations to any theme you require.

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