DoDo’s BBQ – Barbecue Restaurant


DoDo’s BBQ, Corner Alexander Drive and Grand Promenade, Dianella Plaza Shopping Centre, Dianella WA 6059, Phone 9276 8172.

Dianella One Stop Asian Food … Dodo’s BBQ is housed in a not very alluring building. But it’s neat and clean. The Restaurant is situated in the car park of the Dianella Plaza Shopping Centre. On entering and looking over their menu we were kind of amazed at the variety of food on offer. This is a large menu with an assorted mix of Asian food. There’s Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, so much that it makes choosing difficult.

DoDo's BBQ - Barbecue Restaurant

But saying that we chose the Lemon Chicken and at $11.50 it was good value for money. Half Lemon Chicken and Half Steamed Rice in our Take Away container.

We have only ever tried the lemon chicken from Dodo’s BBQ. Mainly because we like it a lot and tend to just order it when we go now. Don’t mend something that isn’t broken I guess.

When you’re presented with a dish of sliced breast meat chicken, with a crunchy coating and a very lemony sauce, what’s not to like. There are whole lemon pieces adorning the dish as well.

DoDo’s BBQ has tables and chairs, so dining in is an option. The café is clean and bright. The food is well priced and worth a visit.

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