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Hummingbird Pantry, Twilight Hawkers Market, Forrest Place, Perth WA 6000.

Tequenos … Finally caught up with Hummingbird Pantry at the final Twilight Hawkers Market in early 2015 in the City.

Hummingbird Pantry

At the Twilight Hawkers Market

There were a few different fruit juices on offer, the mango one looked particularly enticing. But, we couldn’t go past the Haloumi Tequenos.

Tequenos are croquette like creations, made with empanada pastry and filled with deliciously melted Haloumi cheese. They were full of cheesy goodness and came with assorted dipping sauces, some fruit and some chilli. The night we came across them they had four sauces on offer, Guava sauce, Dulce de Leche (Caramel), Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Chilli. Refreshingly different. And, we’ll be trying them every time we meet up with this Market Stall.

Hummingbird Pantry


It’s really good to see Perth offering up cuisine from so many different cultures. The Street Food revolution that hit Perth just a few years ago, appears to be booming even more. And, that’s just fine with me. Bring it on.

Hummingbird Pantry

Lulo Juice

They were offering Lulo juice at their stall when we were there last. This was a very refreshing drink and at $4.00 good value for money.

Hummingbird Pantry also have an online store where they sell over 70 products from Latin America. From Plantains and Empanadas to Dulce de leche and Arepas. Featuring food from Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. They also offer their Tequenos. Visit their website.

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