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La Paleta, 2 / 6 Geelong Court, Fremantle WA 6160.

Iced Pops … La Paleta literally translates to “The Palette” but in Mexican slang it means iced pop or iced lolly. They offer up an amazing palette of iced pops from their market stall.

La Paleta - Hand Made Ice Treats

At the Twilight Hawkers Market

There are a few other people making iced pops in Perth and they’re all doing it well. La Paleta’s twist is only using seasonal fresh local produce. So their menu is always changing and you have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting local producers. And, the best part, they taste fabulous.

We lucked in when we purchased a Watermelon and Rose iced pop. The combination was excellent. The flavours tasted so good together.

La Paleta - Hand Made Ice Treats

Thanks for lifting the lid and letting me take the Photo. You guys rock.

La Paleta also sell to local businesses and are starting to pop up in food trucks, cafes and restaurants around town. Again, this camaraderie amongst Street Food vendors is touching. At Food Markets the vendors eat each other’s food. You often see vendors taking food to other vendors. It’s charming and shows a real community spirit.

La Paleta make hand made treats which are inspired by traditional Mexican Paleterias (Iced Pop Cafes). They use all natural ingredients with an emphasis on seasonal produce and quirky flavours. They source their produce locally. This is a great philosophy. Think Global Act Local.

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