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Coffee Club Watertown, Shop A16 / Watertown, 840 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 9486 7782.

Avocado and Feta Smash … Everything about this plate of food was average. The bread was super white turkish bread without the usual chewy texture. The avocado was smeared over the entire slice of bread but not too thickly. The feta had been mixed in with the avocado and visually looked a little off. There was also a bunch of greens sitting on top. Oh, and it was extra for the egg.

As Avocado and Feta smash is kind of the new black in Perth, at the moment, I was expecting this dish to live up to others I’ve had. It didn’t. The food wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. Coffee Club Watertown are usually okay when it comes to grabbing a quick brunch. But I didn’t enjoy my dish at all mainly because they had blended the Feta into the Avocado.

So, I make smashed avocado at home, use a good smooth feta, smash the avocado, then add the other ingredients. This means the feta is still intact and there are little salty bursts of flavour.

That’s all this dish needs. Oh, and definitely better quality bread.

It’s not all about my dish, Xena was quite enamoured with her French Toast. The dish came with Maple Glazed Peaches, Coconut and Vanilla Syrup. She said it was a really good plate of food and the flavours were on point. Can’t comment really as I didn’t taste it because I was battling with my smash.

Coffee Club Watertown

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