A Fish Called Inglewood – Seafood Restaurant


A Fish Called Inglewood, Shop 2/882 Beaufort Street, Inglewood WA 6052, Phone  6101 4678.

A Return Visit … Finally ventured back to A Fish Called Inglewood to try their dine-in experience. We were not disappointed.

A Fish Called Inglewood

So, the staff. It was nice to be offered menus and water from the outset. No questions, they were just delivered.

The waitperson seemed to just know when to show up to get our order. It was like we had just put the menu down and there she was, pen in hand.

Taking both our drinks and food order together. We were happy to receive the drinks quite promptly. Sipping and chatting during the short wait for the food. Very pleasant.

Xena ordered Barramundi and chips. For me it had to be the spaghettini with a selection of local seafood. No question.

A Fish Called Inglewood

The presentation of the spaghettini was awesome, couldn’t wait to start twirling my fork. The sauce was so full of flavour. I detected capers, tomato (obviously), olives, garlic and onion.  A rich ragu of flavour. Lovely.

A Fish Called Inglewood

Xena dived into her food and really enjoyed the fish and chips. Luckily I managed to snag a taste before it was demolished. Very fresh, firm, white fish and those outstanding Kipfler potato wedges.

So, I think the Chef knows what he is doing. Delicious food.

And, lastly, I really like the decor of the restaurant. Mainly because it has a clean, funky vibe. There is a standout fish sculpture on the wall. Love that the commercial kitchen is open for all to see (more kitchen envy for me). On a previous visit I ordered fish and chips to go. And, after a very short wait was given a snow white rather thick pizza box branded with the restaurant’s logo. It’s the small details which always appeal to me.

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