Noodle Forum – Chinese Noodle Bar


Noodle Forum, Shop 203, Equus Retail Arcade, 580 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000, Phone 6113 1554.

Traditional House Made Noodles … First heard about Noodle Forum through word of mouth. People who know me, know that Laksa is a passion of mine. So, at least four people pointed me in the direction of this café.

Noodle Forum - Chinese Noodle Bar

In the 90’s I lived in Singapore, we discovered the best Laksa ever at Roxy Laksa in the East Coast Parkway Hawkers Centre. I thought my Laksa days were over on returning to Perth.

So, with high expectations, we set off to Noodle Forum. Firstly, service was very cheerful and fast. You order, pay, go to your seat and whammo the Laksa arrives, piping hot and smelling amazing. Service doesn’t seem to be affected by how many people are wanting food at the same time. It’s just quick.

We received Laksa in a large bowl and visually the food looked delicious. Spicy coconut broth with tofu, fish balls, prawns, chicken and bean sprouts … Yum. The broth was all coconuts and chilli. You can order extra hot if you like it that way.This was seriously the best Laksa I’ve had since Singapore.

Noodle Forum - Chinese Noodle Bar

But the real hero of the dish is the noodles. They are hand made from a traditional recipe that has been perfected over 40 years. Chef Erich Wong can be seen making the noodles in the front window of Noodle Forum. It is interesting to watch him stretching the noodle dough with bamboo sticks. And, good to see even more traditional methods of food making being incorporated into our culture.

These noodles are outstanding. Al dente and they beat the supermarket variety hands down. Who needs Roxy Laksa when you’ve got Noodle Forum. Kudos to chef Erich Wong. Delicious.

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May 2016:
Interestingly, Noodle Forum now has three venues that I know of. Two in the CBD and one in Carousel Shopping Centre. Nice to see them spreading their awesome noodles throughout Perth.

July 2016:
Noodle  Forum now have a stall at the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets Monday Nights.

Noodle Forum Market Stall

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