An’s Kitchen – Chinese Cuisine – CLOSED


An’s Kitchen, 1 / 305 William Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Phone 9227 9667.

Wow, So Different … Can honestly say I’ve not tried food like this before. But, someone had mentioned that I had to go along to An’s Kitchen and try the noodles. Ans Kitchen specialise in food from the Shaanxi Province in China.

An's Kitchen - Chinese Cuisine

Located on William Street in Northbridge amongst a treasure trove of Asian Cafes, this place offers great lunch specials.

We noticed straight away that just about everything on the menu had red meat in it. But on chatting with the wait staff we were reassured we could substitute tofu. Phew.

We ordered the cold noodles and tofu. This was amazingly cheap and the food had loads of different flavours. Unique but enjoyable food, home style comfort food.

Liked the look of the burgers in their Bao buns but didn’t try one. Bao Burgers are like the new black in Perth. They seem to be everywhere, and that’s okay because they taste delicious. Lucky Chan’s offer a chicken one but Ans Kitchen only pork and lamb.

The café itself is clean and modern. The staff are pleasant to deal with. And, well, the food is a good price and value for money.

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