Rotana Restaurant and Cafe – Lebanese


Rotana Restaurant and Cafe, 42 Eighth Avenue, Maylands WA 6052, Phone 9370 5267.

Best banana bread ever … Was intending to try ‘Little Shop of Plenty’ but it was closed. A little disappointed I walked up Eighth Avenue looking for something different and came across Rotana Restaurant and Cafe.

Rotana Restaurant and Cafe

The Patio

There was no one in the café, it was a little late for breakfast and early for lunch. There was only one person serving and they were busy tidying the kitchen. But when the staff member saw me she came straight over and gave me a menu.

It’s a fairly new cafe and the decor is rustic and fun. There is a large patio area at the front and inside the old building are two rooms for dining.

Rotana Restaurant and Cafe

Eventually, I ordered a cappuccino to drink in the cafe and also purchased some banana bread to take home. Firstly, the coffee, it was hot and strong but not a cappuccino. It was a latte, that is, there was no froth to speak of and it was very milky. I prefer a cap because there is less milk. But it was an okay cup of coffee, and it had a nice strong back taste.

Rotana Restaurant and Cafe

On arriving home I sampled the banana bread and was blown away. The cake was super moist and obviously there were loads of bananas in the mix. So moorish that I finished the whole piece. This has to be the best banana bread ever! Kudos.

Rotana Restaurant and Cafe

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